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Example Input Files & VisTrails Pipelines

Whitworth's (1981) Isothermal Free-Energy Surface
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This is an example input data file based on a structured-grid illustration that I found on a Cornell University website. (As referenced at a related URL, this appears to be a data set that was used at Cornell's Center for Advanced Computing as part of a tutorial session that illustrated how VTK library routines could be used on the high-performance-computers named Ranger and Stampede located at TACC, the Texas Advanced Computing Center.) The file illustrates VTK's Simple Legacy Format and the RECTILINEAR_GRID dataset format. Because this example uses 47 x 33 x 11 = 17,061 grid points, we provide a pointer to the website where the input file can be accessed, instead of displaying the entire data file here.

To aid in implementation, we present an image of the rendered configuration and a screen shot of the VisTrails pipeline that was used to generate the image. The data file assigns a scalar value plus a vector velocity to each grid POINT, but it assigns no information to the corresponding grid CELLS.

Legacy (RectilinearGrid) Example from Cornell

The relevant Legacy-formatted input data file can be accessed at the following URL:

This ASCII file contains 11,405 lines of data.

VisTrails Pipeline
Cornell Image

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