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Color Lookup Tables

Whitworth's (1981) Isothermal Free-Energy Surface
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This presentation is intended to accompany the "Simple Cube" tutorial that we have written as an aid for individuals who are trying to fully utilize the capabilities of VisTrails in their research. It is intended to build upon the information that can be obtained from the VTK User's Guide, authored and published by Kitware, Inc.

Using VisTrail's vtkLookupTable Module

In our accompanying discussion, we have explained how VTK's default color table can be relied upon to assign colors to POLYGONS, based on the scalar values with which each POLYGON has been labeled. Then, following an example used in the VTK User's Guide, we have explained how the user can define his/her own color table inside of an input file that adheres to the Simple Legacy Format.

VisTrails Screen Snapshot

Employing the vtkLookupTable Module

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