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(Initially) Axisymmetric Configurations

"As a practical matter, discussions of the effect of rotation on self-gravitating fluid masses divide into two categories: the structure of steady-state configurations, and the oscillations and the stability of these configurations."

— Drawn from N. R. Lebovitz (1967), ARAA, 5, 465

We add a third category, namely, the nonlinear dynamical evolution of systems that are revealed via stability analyses to be unstable.

Whitworth's (1981) Isothermal Free-Energy Surface
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Once you have learned how to construct spherically symmetric, equilibrium self-gravitating configurations from gases that obey a variety of different equations of state, it is natural to ask how those structures will be modified if they are rotating. You might naturally ask, as well, how techniques that you have learned to use to examine the stability of each spherically symmetric, equilibrium configuration might be modified to permit you to examine the stability of rotating structures.

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Whitworth's (1981) Isothermal Free-Energy Surface

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