Visualizing a Binary Star System

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VisTrails Wiki is integrated with a VisTrails server instance, so it is easy to embed visualizations in a Wiki page as you generate them.

This is the first version of the Figure:

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="109" version="2" showspreadsheetonly="True"/>

Now we will demonstrate that publications can update their Figures when they point to a named version instead of a specific version. This way when the authors decide that FIgure 1 will point to a new workflow, all the publications that refer Figure 1 will be updated when rebuilt.


<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="109" tag="Figure" showspreadsheetonly="True"/>

Please notice that you can also embed a workflow directly from CrowdLabs:

<workflow host="" wfid="30" width="275"/>