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Building_From_Source has a list of requirements. This pages tries to update them.

Tested platforms
Description Python PyQt Qt vtk notes
Debian 6 "Squeeze" Python 2.6.6 PyQt4 4.7.3 Qt 4.6.3 vtk 5.4.2 Brightness is different on generated thumbnails (#764)
Debian 7 "Wheezy" Python 2.7.3 PyQt4 4.9.3 Qt 4.8.2 vtk 5.8.0 -
Debian 6 "Squeeze" Python 2.7.5 PyQt4 4.10.2 Qt 4.8.6 vtk 5.8.0 -
Remi's Windows Python 2.7.6 PyQt4 4.10.2 Qt 4.8.4 vtk 5.10.0 (running on a French locale)


  • numpy is listed as a requirement but is only required by the matplotlib & tabledata packages
  • matplotlib is only required by the matplotlib package
  • VisTrails can install missing packages automatically, including optional packages when they are first needed; this is not written
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