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Project Overview

The idea of my project is to create an application that will make it more straightforward to handle visualizations in the Display Wall. The application would communicate with the Display Wall, sending the appropriate data to it, while the Display Wall would be responsible for showing the visualization. Through this application, you could visually choose what to send to the Display Wall. The project also includes a viewer that will display the visualizations in the Display Wall (the viewer will run in the Display Wall machines).

An important concept for this project is the concept of layers. The project aims at allowing the user to send visualization layers to the Display Wall. For instance, we could have a map layer, and above it, we could add additional layers of data, showing some geo information. The user could choose the desired layers in the application, and then, the application would send them to the Display Wall. For this reason, I named my project as LayerVis - but this name can change throughout the semester.

Initially, a map layer will be the core layer of the project. This map layer will use the OpenStreetMap API. A second layer, which will be placed above the map layer, will show some Twitter data (tweets with geo-temporal information).


Here, I will post updates about my progress in the project.

I plan to start coding soon, so more updates are about to come in the next weeks!