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Project Title:

Visualizing Neighbor-dependent Ramachandran Distributions mapped to a Global Solvent Accessible Surface Complexity Metric


I intend to use the Vistrails platform to visualize the Ramachandra plots of Left and Right Two-Amino Acid configurations. Although many such representations exist, I intend to combine each Phi-Psi angle pair with a value describing the global complexity of the molecule for those values. Since the complexity metric I'm attempting to map to doesn't yet exist, I intend to use random values as a substitute to provide a proof of concept.

The dataset I will be using is :

Neighbor-dependent Ramachandran Distributions Version 1: released April 29, 2010

D. Ting, M. Shapovalov, G. Guoli, R. Mitra, Michael I. Jordan, and R.L.Dunbrack, Jr. Fox Chase Cancer Center Philadelphia PA 19111, USA 215 728 2434