Provenance Browser

The Provenance Browser allows you to browse through all executions performed on a vistrail. When the Provenance mode is selected, executions are displayed in the Log Details panel on the right (see figure Provenance Browser). Selecting an execution from the Log Details panel will display the pipeline with modules colored according to their execution results. Alternatively, this pipeline is displayed by double-clicking on the execution in the Workspace panel. Executions in the Workspace panel are displayed under the version to which they belong and are made visible or invisible by toggling the panel’s executions button. Notice that only executions that belong to tagged versions are displayed in the Workspace, but all executions are displayed in the Log Details.


Provenance Browser - Left: The Workspace has a button to enable/disable executions. When enabled, executions of each tagged version in the vistrail will appear when each respective version is expanded. Right: The Provenance Browser keeps track of all executions whether they belong to tagged versions or not. When selected, the color coded execution pipeline will appear in the center panel.

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