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Configuring Web Services in VisTrails

Note: The package named "webServices" is deprecated. Please use the package named "SUDSWebServices" instead.

Enabling the SUDSWebServices package

The web service package comes disabled in VisTrails, to enable it open the preferences panel (On Windows and Linux, it is located under the Edit Menu, and on the Mac, it is under the VisTrails Menu). Select the tab named Module Packages. On the Disabled packages list, select SUDSWebServices and click on Enable.

Adding web services URLs in VisTrails

To add the web services URLs to VisTrails, select SUDSWebServices on the Enabled packages list and click on configure. A new window will appear and you will be able to add a ';' separated list of web services URLs. Select wsdlList and click on the value field. You can type the web services URLs you want.

Web Services Demos

A set of Bioinformatics and other web services workflows demos are included in the file. The web services used are specified in the following subsections.

Data Transformation

EMBOSS web services

KEGG web services

KEGG Search Entities web service

ChEBI web service

NOAA web services

Web Services Demos Guide

If you would like to learn more about creating workflows that use web services, download this guide. Note that it still uses the old web service package.

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