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Vis Lunch!

Where: Conference Room WEB 3760

When: Friday noon

This semester Paul Rosen and Kristi Potter will be responsible
for organizing the VisLunch sessions. Please feel free to contact them
for any question regarding VisLunch or for scheduling a talk:

Paul Rosen

Kristi Potter

Information regarding the VisLunch sessions will posted on this wiki page (

If you are unaware, VisLunch provides everyone at SCI a platform to present their research work and/or the latest developments in the community that could benefit the rest of us. In addition, the meeting is a great forum to give practice talks and improve your presentation skills. Plus there's _free_ pizza, and it's a nice opportunity to meet new people. Please let either Paul or Kristi know if 1.) You've submitted work to a research venue (e.g. recent conferences like Siggraph) and would like to share your ideas;

2.) You are preparing a submission to an upcoming venue (e.g. IEEE Vis, Siggraph Asia, etc.) and would like to get some feedback;

3.) Your work has been accepted to some venue and you are preparing a presentation you would like to practice; or

4.) You've recently read a new publication and are fascinated by the ideas and wish to share them with the rest of us.

Please consider volunteering to give a presentation at some point! We're hoping that there will be enough presenters so that we don't cancel any future weeks.


Date Presenter Topic
January 28 Kristi Potter State of the Art in Uncertainty Visualization
February 4 Carson Brownlee Talking DIRTY (Distributed Interactive Ray Tracing and You)
February 11 Bei Wang & Brian Summa TBA
February 18 Matt Berger TBA
Harsh Bhatia TBA
February 25
March 4
March 11
March 18 Blake Nelson TBA
Jacob Hinkle TBA
March 25 Spring Break NO Vislunch!
April 1 Thiago Ize TBA
April 8
April 15
April 22

January 28:

Speaker: Kristi Potter

The graphical depiction of uncertainty information is emerging as a problem of great importance in the field of visualization. Scientific data sets are not considered complete without indications of error, accuracy, or levels of confidence, and this information is often presented as charts and tables alongside visual representations of the data. Uncertainty measures are often excluded from explicit representation within data visualizations because the increased visual complexity incurred can cause clutter, obscure the data display, and may lead to erroneous conclusions or false predictions. However, uncertainty is an essential component of the data, and its display must be integrated in order for a visualization to be considered a true representation of the data. This talk will go over the current work on uncertainty visualization.

February 4: TBA


February 11: TBA


February 18: TBA


February 25: TBA


March 4: TBA


March 11: TBA


March 18: TBA

Speakers: 'Blake Nelson & Jacob Hinkle'

March 25: Spring Break!

No Vislunch

April 1: TBA


April 8: TBA


April 15: TBA


April 22: TBA