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This semester Guoning Chen and Josh Levine will be responsible
for organizing the VisLunch sessions. Please feel free to contact them
for any question regarding VisLunch or for scheduling a talk:

Information regarding the VisLunch sessions will posted on this wiki page (

Feb. 5, 2010

- Fiedler Trees for Multiscale Surface Analysis

In this work we introduce a new hierarchical surface decomposition method for multiscale analysis of surface meshes. In contrast to other multiresolution methods, our approach relies on spectral properties of the surface to build a binary hierarchical decomposition. Namely, we utilize the Fiedler vector of the Laplace-Beltrami operator to recursively decompose the surface. For this reason, we coin our surface decomposition the Fiedler tree. Using the Fiedler tree ensures a number of attractive properties, including: mesh-independent decomposition, well-formed and equi-areal surface patches, and noise robustness. We illustrate how the hierarchical patch decomposition may be exploited for generating multiresolution high quality uniform and adaptive meshes, as well as being a natural means for carrying out wavelet methods.

- Speaker: Matt Berger (SCI),

- Where: Conference Room 3760

- When: Friday noon (02/05)

Jan. 29, 2010

- Applying Manifold Learning to Plotting Approximate Contour Trees (VIS paper discussion)

- Speaker: Hao Wang (SCI),

- Where: Conference Room 3760

- When: Friday noon (01/29)

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