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Coming up next Friday (09/05)

Summer Internships One

This week we are going to see what some
PhD. Students did on their summer internships.
This week we will have Carson Brownlee,
Erik Anderson, Mark Kim and David Koop
talking about their experience.

Carson Brownlee (15 min)
Worked at LANL for the summer with Patrick McCormick
on an analytic visualization tool called SCOUT writing
volume renderers and animation systems.
He did do some work on visualizing cosmological
datasets (dark halos) and worked on simulating
Sclieren visualization which is an old optical
technique used to look at invisible differences
in inhomogeneous data (such as shockwaves or
heat dissipation).

Erik Anderson (15 min)
Worked at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) with
Jim Ahrens and Patrick McCormick. Iplemented a
method for discovering correlations in extremely
high dimensional datasets such as Oceanographic
data (3200 x 2400 x 42 x 114 x 52 (x,y,z,d,time)).
Additionally researched and implemented various
metrics to assist in distance visualization
prioritization and transmission.

Mark Kim (15 min)
Worked at LANL under Pat McCormick on a vis tool
called Scout (just like Carson). He did some mundane
stuff like a volume renderer and spent some time
visualizing lyman alpha lines. He also wrote a
particle-mesh n-body simulator for Scout and in CUDA.

David Koop (15 min.)
Worked at Microsoft Research.


08/29: Open Discussion and Semester Planning

Lauro's suggestion:

Seeing in Four Dimensions

The article

The site

Valerio Pascucci talked about his work of computing Reeb graphs.

The original plan for the session:

Our plan to this Friday's session is to have an open
discussion of any interesting ideas that you want to
bring in and to plan/schedule presentations for the
following Fridays.

A common practice for VisLunch is to use some of its
sessions as a mean to let people know about the work
of the new people around: new faculties, new post docs,
new PhD. students . As there are lots of new faces
around, we hope to schedule some of these presentations
in this session.

This semester Lauro Lins will be responsible for
organizing the VisLunch sessions. Here is his contact

Lauro Lins
Room: 4887
Phone: 581-8061

And here is the wikipage where we want to keep
all the information related to this semesters'

09/05 - Internship Week I

Carson Brownlee (15 min)

Erik Anderson (15 min)

David Koop (15 min.)

Mark Kim (15 min)

09/12 - Internship Week II

Emanuele Santos (15 min.)

Kristin Potter (15 min.)

Abe Stephens (30 min.)

09/19 - Valerio's suggested papers 1

09/26 - Valerio's suggested papers 2

10/03 - Vis Conference: Carlos, Dave

10/10 - Vis Conference: Jens Jeff

10/17 - Fall Break (no lunch)

10/24 - VisWeek (no lunch)

10/31 - Vis Highlights

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