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People that are currently in the vislunch mail list (26 total):
People that are currently in the vislunch mail list (26 total):

  Aaron Knoll               Jianrong Shu        
  Adam Bargteil             John Schreiner   
  Aaron Knoll             Emanuele Santos       Linh Ha                 
  Carlos Scheidegger       Josh Stratton     
  Adam Bargteil           Erik Anderson        Mark Kim               
  Carson Browlee           Lauro Lins       
Berger                  Geoff Draper          Mathias Schott         
  Charles Hansen           Linh Ha           
  Carlos Scheidegger       Hao Wang              Siddarth Shankar       
  Chris Johnson             Louis Bavoil     
  Carson Browlee           Huy Vo                Steve Callahan         
  Claudio Silva             Mark Kim         
  Charles Hansen           Jens Kruger          Tiago Etiene           
  David Koop               Mathias Schott   
  Chris Johnson           Jianrong Shu          Valerio Pascucci       
Emanuele Santos          Shachar Fleishman 
  Claudio Silva           John Schreiner        Wan Yong               
Erik Anderson            Siddarth Shankar 
Claurissa Tuttle        Josh Stratton   
Hao Wang                  Steve Callahan   
  David Koop              Lauro Lins
Huy Vo                    Valerio Pascucci 
Jens Kruger               Wan Yong

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08/29: Open Discussion and Semester Planning

Our plan to this Friday's session is to have an open
discussion of any interesting ideas that you want to
bring in and to plan/schedule presentations for the
following Fridays.

A common practice for VisLunch is to use some of its
sessions as a mean to let people know about the work
of the new people around: new faculties, new post docs,
new PhD. students . As there are lots of new faces
around, we hope to schedule some of these presentations
in this session.

This semester Lauro Lins will be responsible for
organizing the VisLunch sessions. Here is his contact

Lauro Lins
Room: 4887
Phone: 581-8061

And here is the wikipage where we want to keep
all the information related to this semesters'


Mail List: vislunch@sci.utah.edu mail

People that are currently in the vislunch mail list (26 total):

Aaron Knoll              Emanuele Santos       Linh Ha                  
Adam Bargteil            Erik Anderson         Mark Kim                 
Berger                   Geoff Draper          Mathias Schott           
Carlos Scheidegger       Hao Wang              Siddarth Shankar         
Carson Browlee           Huy Vo                Steve Callahan           
Charles Hansen           Jens Kruger           Tiago Etiene             
Chris Johnson            Jianrong Shu          Valerio Pascucci         
Claudio Silva            John Schreiner        Wan Yong                 
Claurissa Tuttle         Josh Stratton    
David Koop               Lauro Lins