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We are in the process of creating a video tutorial that can be used to guide users through the process of learning to use VisTrails. The videos that follow below are a preliminary version of this tutorial, and will keep evolving towards a complete tutorial.

VT_Thumbs_PiplineBuilder.jpg The Pipeline Builder

These videos demonstrate the basic usage of the Pipeline Builder, including how to add modules, connect modules, and modify module parameters.

Quicktime.png Adding a Module

Quicktime.png Adding a Parameter

Quicktime.png Connecting Two Modules

Quicktime.png Adding a Parameter via Modules

VT_Thumbs_ParameterExplore.jpg Parameter Space Exploration

These videos demonstrate more advanced use of the Pipeline Builder window. Parameter exploration allows easy mutli-dimensional comparative visualization generation to quickly and thoroughly explore data.

Quicktime.png Parameter Space Exploration

VT_Thumbs_VersionTree.jpg The Version Tree

These videos show interaction with the Version Tree. Emphasis here is on interaction with the widgets, searching and refining the versions displayed, and performing diffs between versions to highlight changes.

Quicktime.png Version Tree Interaction

Quicktime.png The Visual Diff

Quicktime.png Querying the Version Tree and Pipelines