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VisTrails 2.0

This page is setup to address and track issues with the new interface. Please add comments or new issues to this page.

  • Juliana's notes about new interface:
    • It seems there are too many windows when we start VisTrails. What about only showing the main window? And fire the spreadsheet and inspector only when 'needed'? for the inspector, when a vt is open and a wf is selected, and for the spreadsheet when a workflow is run.
    • I noticed that the picture-in-picture disappeared. I think that is helpful to give context. At least when we are displaying a workflow, it is useful to see the version tree.
    • We need some indication of which workflow is being displayed. Somewhere, we should display the label that identifies the workflow
    • When I click on the workflow tab (in the main window,lower left corner) it always shows an "untitled.vt". This looks like a bug... And if I click on untitled.vt, nothing happens.
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