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This is a small how-to on how to use the Bookmarks available in old versions of VisTrails. This was discontinued and will be replaced by a much more powerful framework called Medleys.


(Under Construction)


The Bookmarks application was the first prototype of a framework to help users without programming expertise to better manipulate collections of workflows. Here we show how to create bookmarks and how to interact with them.

Creating a Bookmark

A bookmark is a workflow view that provides a simplified interface for a workflow by only exposing a designated set of components to the user. These components are identified by an alias map which associates a name to a workflow component. In this prototype, users can name only parameters, but the concept can be applied to modules and to subworkflows.

So, in order to create a bookmark you need first to give names to the parameters you want to expose.

Naming parameters

In the pipeline view, open the workflow to which you want to create a bookmark.

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