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Prototype Description

This prototype will allow users to create visualizations of climate data using a specialized GUI on top of VisTrails. What the user will be able to do:

  • Create/Delete/Save/Load projects
  • Create visualizations in a project by drag-and-drop events
    • Create/Delete/Edit Variables
    • Modify plot properties
  • Name/tag visualizations from the spreadsheet
  • Save high quality images of the visualizations

Based on the requirements above, these are the following implementation tasks that need to be performed:


  • Projects (Tommy)
    • Re-implement a view of the workspace. The projects panel will not replace the current workspace but will be displayed instead of the workspace in the uv-cdat main window. It will display only the uv-cdat projects and visualizations.
    • Add new/open/close/save menu actions for projects
    • Double-clicking a visualization should open it in a new tab.
    • when tagging visualizations, they also need to be annotated so we can differentiate them from regular workflows and they can be correctly displayed on the GUI.
  • GUI Integration (Emanuele)
    • Make the spreadsheet accept mouse drop events from Variables and Plots
    • Modify spreadsheet edit mode so the user can change Variables and plots
    • Implement main toolbar
    • Connect Variable GUI to API


  • Variables (Dave)
    • Create the Variable module
    • Check if subworkflows can be templated
  • Plots
    • Define plots as subworkflows
    • Expose in the API a function to connect Variables and Plot subworkflows
    • Define a Configuration Widget for a subworkflow
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