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=== Videos ===
=== Videos ===
* [ Animation of River Simulation (1.4 MB)]
[[Image:Video river simulation.png|center|thumb|300px| [ Animation of River Simulation (1.4 MB)]]]
* [ Cosmology Data Exploration (166 MB)]
[[Image:Video cosmology data exp.png|center|thumb|300px|[ Cosmology Data Exploration (166 MB)]]]
* [ Psychiatry Data Exploration (7.8 MB)]
* [ Psychiatry Data Exploration (7.8 MB)]
* [ Provenance in Maya (25 MB)]
* [ Provenance in Maya (25 MB)]

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Provenance-Enabled Data Exploration and Visualization

by Juliana Freire, Claudio Silva, Emanuele Santos, Erik Anderson

Visual Material Samples


Click on the images to see a full-sized version

Workflows in Psychiatry
Parameter Exploration in Cosmology
Parameter Exploration in River Simulation
Workflow Differences
Large River Simulation
Algorithm Validation in VisTrails
Comparative Visualization in VisTrails
Visualizations and Analysis using VisTrails
Data Fusion in VisTrails
Visualizing Multiple Data



These are the files used during the demonstration:

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