SciVisFall2008/Assignment 0

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Problem 1: query by tag, query by example, annotation and pruning

To make sure you know how to search versions in the history tree of Vistrails do the following simple task:

1) In the History view locate the version tagged "EX1". Execute this version and annotate it with the name that appears in the visualization.

2) Query by Example Delaunay

Problem 2: design pipeline from an image

From the root version on the History View design a pipeline to reproduce the image below. Tag the resulting pipeline with label "Problem 2".


Problem 3

1) From the root version on the History View design a Vistrails pipeline equivalent to the VTK pipeline equivalent to the code

Problem 3

translate the C++ VTK source code into a Vistrails/VTK pipeline

2) locate the only version in the file that has a module X connected to a module Y.

Note that there are many versions in the vistrail. You should use the