SciVisFall2007/Assignment 4

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The assignment is due at midnight on December 11th. You will need to use the CADE handin functionality to turn in your assignment. The class account is "cs5630". The purpose of this assignment is to make sure you understand (and experiment with) the basic concepts involved in the visualization of Diffusion Tensor volumes as well as large graphs. As you work on the assignment, we greatly encourage you to read the available documentation on both python and VTK. Some of the problems will require you to use VTK modules you might not have previously seen. These are indicated in the problems.

Submitting your vistrails

The assignment is broken into two distinct parts: DTI vis and graph vis. Two different vistrails should be used for these tasks, assignment4a.vt and assignment 4b.vt, respectively. You may start from an empty vistrail or from examples that are given.

Assignment 4a: DTI Visualization

Assignment 4b: Graph Visualization