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This page contains information on the Scientific Visualization course (CS 5630/6630) taught by Professor Cláudio Silva during Fall 2007 in the School of Computing, University of Utah.

This class meets on Tuesday and Thursdays, 10:45am-12:05am, WEB 112.

Course Overview

The demand for the construction of complex visualizations is growing in many disciplines of science, as users are faced with ever increasing volumes of data to analyze. In this class, we will cover the principles and techniques necessary to generate these visualizations.

There will be no required textbook, although we recommend that students get a copy of the Visualization Handbook as a "reference at large". Also, Kitware's VTK User's Guide might be useful. We will be providing a detailed set of course notes for the class.

For the assignments, we will be using VisTrails, VTK, and matplotlib in this class. For each assignment, the students will need to turn in their complete "vistrail" for the work.

Besides the assignments, there will be one midterm and one final.

The latest version of VisTrails for this class can be downloaded here: Zip.gif

Lectures, and consulting hours

We will meet twice a week: Tuesday, Thursday, 10:45am-12:05pm, WEB 112.

The instructor for the class is Claudio Silva.

The lectures (and corresponding notes) will be giving by Claudio Silva, Steve Callahan, and Carlos Scheidegger.

The TA for the course is Harsh Doshi.

Silva office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:45 - 10:45 am), WEB 4893.

Doshi office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays (1:00 - 4:00 pm), MEB 3115.




The class wiki page will contain up-to-date notes that reflect the material covered in class. We will also add pointers to supplementary material.

In the tentative schedule, there are hints on what to read before attending the class.

Tips for converting VTK pipelines


For the assignments, you will be turning in ".vt" files produced with VisTrails. Here is a link to a Windows XP (also works for Vista) installer with the version that you will need: VisTrails 1.0 beta




Late Assignments

Assignments will not be accepted late. Students will be given a one-time two-day exemption for an unexpected event.


Your grade will be a combination of assignments (70%) and midterm (15%) and final (15%).

Mailing List

Students With Disabilities

The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities. If you will need accommodations in the class, reasonable prior notice needs to be given to the Center for Disability Services, 162 Olpin Union Building, 581-5020 (V/TDD). CDS will work with you and the instructor to make arrangements for accommodations.

All written information in this course can be made available in alternative format with prior notification to the Center for Disability Services.