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usage: vistrails [-e] [-b] [-o DIR] [-p [PACKAGE [PACKAGE ...]]]
                 [--with-version-tree] [--with-workflow]
                 [CONFIGURATION OPTIONS] [vistrail [vistrail ...]]

positional arguments:
  vistrail              Vistrail to open

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -e, --execute         Execute any specified workflows
  -b, --batch           Run vistrails in batch mode instead of interactive
  -o DIR, --output-directory DIR
  -p [PACKAGE [PACKAGE ...]], --package [PACKAGE [PACKAGE ...]]
  --with-version-tree   Output the version tree as an image
  --with-workflow       Output the workflow graph as an image

Path Arguments:
  --subworkflows-directory DIR
                        The location where a user's local subworkflows are
  --data-directory DIR  The location that VisTrails uses as a default
                        directory for data.
  -S DIR, --dot-vistrails DIR
                        The location to look for VisTrails user configurations
                        and storage. Defaults to ~/.vistrails.
  --file-directory DIR  The location that VisTrails uses as a default
                        directory for specifying files.
  --log-directory DIR   The path that indicates where log files should be
  --package-directory DIR
                        The directory to look for VisTrails core packages (use
                        userPackageDirectory for user-defined packages)
  --repository-local-path DIR
                        Path used to locate packages available to be installed
  --root-directory DIR  Directory that contains the VisTrails source code.
  --temporary-directory DIR
                        The directory to use for temporary files generated by
  --user-package-directory DIR
                        The location for user-installed packages (defaults to

Configuration Options:
  --auto-connect        Try to automatically connect a newly dragged in module
                        to the rest of the workflow.
  --no-auto-connect     Inverse of --auto-connect
  --auto-save           Automatically save vistrails to allow recovery from
                        crashes, etc.
  --no-auto-save        Inverse of --auto-save
  --db-default          Use a database as the default storage location for
                        vistrails entities.
  --no-db-default       Inverse of --db-default
  --default-file-type DEFAULTFILETYPE
                        Defaults to .vt but could be .xml.
                        Show the version tree in a separate window
                        Inverse of --detach-history-view
                        Do not prompt the user to enable packages, just do so
                        Inverse of --enable-packages-silently
  --install-bundles     Whether to try to install missing Python dependencies
  --no-install-bundles  Inverse of --install-bundles
                        Whether to try to use pip to install Python
                        dependencies or use distribution support.
                        Inverse of --install-bundles-with-pip
  --maximize-windows    Whether the VisTrails windows should take up the
                        entire screen space
                        Inverse of --maximize-windows
  --max-recent-vistrails MAXRECENTVISTRAILS
                        How many recently opened vistrails should be stored
                        for "Open Recent" access.
  --migrate-tags        Whether or not the tag on a workflow that was upgraded
                        should be moved to point to the upgraded version.
  --no-migrate-tags     Inverse of --migrate-tags
  --multi-heads         Whether or not to use multiple screens for VisTrails
  --no-multi-heads      Inverse of --multi-heads
  --execution-log       Track execution provenance when running workflows
  --no-execution-log    Inverse of --execution-log
  --repository-httpurl URL
                        URL used to locate packages available to be installed
  --shell-font-face FONTFACE
                        The font to be used for the VisTrails console
  --shell-font-size FONTSIZE
                        The font size used for the VisTrails console
                        Alert the user if the value along a connection doesn't
                        match connection types.
                        Inverse of --show-connection-errors
                        Alert the user if the value along a connection coming
                        from a Variant output matches the input port.
                        Inverse of --show-variant-errors
  --show-debug-popups   Always show the debug popups or only if there is a
                        modal widget.
  --hide-debug-popups   Inverse of --show-debug-popups
  --show-scrollbars     Whether VisTrails should show scrollbars on the
                        version tree and workflow canvases.
  --hide-scrollbars     Inverse of --show-scrollbars
  --show-splash         Whether the VisTrails splash screen should be shown on
  --hide-splash         Inverse of --show-splash
  --hide-window         Inverse of --show-window
  --single-instance     Whether or not VisTrails should only allow one
                        instance to be running
  --no-single-instance  Inverse of --single-instance
  --static-registry DIR
                        If specified, VisTrails uses an XML file defining the
                        VisTrails module registry to load modules instead of
                        from the packages directly
  --stop-on-error       Whether or not VisTrails stops executing the rest of
                        the workflow if it encounters an error in one module.
  --no-stop-on-error    Inverse of --stop-on-error
  --thumbs-auto-save    Whether to save thumbnails of results when executing
                        Inverse of --thumbs-auto-save
  --thumbs-cache-directory DIR
                        The directory to be used to cache thumbnails
  --thumbs-cache-size CACHESIZE
                        The size (in MB) of the thumbnail cache
  --thumbs-mouse-hover  Whether to show thumbnails when hovering over a
                        version in the version tree
                        Inverse of --thumbs-mouse-hover
  --thumbs-tags-only    If True, only stores thumbnails for tagged versions.
                        Otherwise, stores thumbnails for all versions.
                        Inverse of --thumbs-tags-only
  --no-upgrades         Inverse of --upgrades
  --upgrade-delay       If True, will only persist the upgrade when a user
                        makes a modification to or executes the workflow.
                        Otherwise, the upgrade will be automatically added to
                        the version tree when a user views an upgraded
  --no-upgrade-delay    Inverse of --upgrade-delay
                        Whether to alert the user when an upgrade may fail
                        when upgrading a subworkflow.
                        Inverse of --upgrade-module-fail-prompt
  --cache               Cache previous results so they may be used in future
  --no-cache            Inverse of --cache
  --debug-level DEBUGLEVEL
                        How much information VisTrails should alert the user
                        about (0: Critical errors only, 1: Critical errors and
                        warnings, 2: Critical errors, warnings, and log
  --web-repository-user WEBREPOSITORYUSER
                        The default username for logging into a VisTrails web
                        repository like crowdLabs
  --web-repository-url URL
                        The URL of the web repository that should be attached
                        to VisTrails (e.g.


  • Run in console mode from ? (single entry-point)
  • Running different versions of the same vistrails shows the "autosave data has been found" window.
  • An option to shutdown after running specified workflows (with -w)?
  • A shortcut to specify multiple versions of a single workflow was discussed in the meeting.
    • [RR] Is it really needed? A bourne-compatible shell already expands vt-name.vt:{version1,version2}