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This is a list of work-in-progress or unreleased features. See also the list of development branches.*

Features not on v2.1 branch

These features are on master but not on the v2.1 branch. (v2.1..master)


Tabledata now has writer modules, BuildTable, Microsoft Excel support, JSON, join/select/project

SQL package now uses SQLAlchemy. COMPATIBILITY: not compatible, because now returns a Table.

GMaps package

RemoteQ package

HTTPDirectory, SSHDownloader, URLEncode, URLDecode, Cross, StringFormat, ReadFile

Improved module/parameter/widget configuration APIs

rename-api, ???

Allows default values to be set by Python value

Associate with .vt and .vtl files on Linux

Schema and migrations for startup.xlm

Don't leak temporary files

Suspending modules and the job monitor

Package upgrades get chained

Automatic loops and streaming


Keeps input/output port of unconnected port when ungrouping

Allows reloading a disabled package

Export cells in different formats

Exporting version tree to graphviz DOT format

Control parameters


Debugger for code or package issues

Output modules


Module Parmeter Widgets

Other features

These features are not on master yet but rather on different branches. (--branches --not master)


Parallel execution [work in progress, documented]

(branches: multithreaded-interpreter, multithreaded-interpreter-target-seletion)

Changes to the interpreter allowing the parallel execution of modules in a pipeline.

This is opt-in for modules and thus doesn't break modules that use thread-unsafe code. Supports threads, multiprocessing and IPython clusters.

Replaces parallelflow.

New subworkflows (design phase)

See SubworkflowsDesign