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Packages distributed with VisTrails

Core Packages as of Mar. 12 2007 Description Package Name
  • Basic Modules
Basic module types. These modules consist of value placeholders (Float, Integer, etc) and general workflow manipulation (stdout, File Writing, etc) Automatically Included
  • VTK
Kitware's Visualization ToolKit wrapped for use in VisTrails vtk
  • Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet modules for use in visualization workflows. spreadsheet
  • HTTP
Modules capable of accessing files via HTTP and using them as if they were locally stored. HTTP
  • Python Calculator
A basic set of modules intended to demonstrate how to create new packages for use in VisTrails pythonCalc
  • Image Magick
Modules utilizing the Image Magick command-line tools. ImageMagick
  • afront
Modules to run some of Afront's functionality. afront
  • pylab
Provides plotting functionality through pylab and matplotlib. pylab

Deprecated Packages

Deprecated packages Description Package Name
  • Web Services
Package that uses ZSI library to access Web services. Starting in VisTrails 1.6, the Web Services package will be replaced by SUDS Web Services. The package and old example files are available here: