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Core Packages as of Mar. 12 2007 Description Package Name
  • Basic Modules
Basic module types. These modules consist of value placeholders (Float, Integer, etc) and general workflow manipulation (stdout, File Writing, etc) Automatically Included
  • VTK
Kitware's Visualization ToolKit wrapped for use in VisTrails vtk
  • Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet modules for use in visualization workflows. spreadsheet
  • HTTP
Modules capable of accessing files via HTTP and using them as if they were locally stored. HTTP
  • Python Calculator
A basic set of modules intended to demonstrate how to create new packages for use in VisTrails pythonCalc
  • SciPy
Modules wrapping some of the functionality provided by the Scientific Python package. As this package is large, it is not yet fully wrapped. SciPy
  • NumSciPy
Modules wrapping the functionality provided by the Numerical and Scientific Python packages (numpy and scipy). Not all functionality is currently wrapped, but additional methods are continually being added. Note: This package is meant to replace the SciPy package (above). It is currently distributed in the VisTrails Source version, but can be downloaded from the user-generated package list. NumSciPy
  • Image Magick
Modules utilizing the Image Magick command-line tools. ImageMagick
  • Web Services
Modules capable of taking advantage of existing web services used outside the VisTrails environment webServices
  • afront
Modules to run some of Afront's functionality. afront
  • pylab
Provides plotting functionality through pylab and matplotlib. pylab