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Check this page for known issues with VisTrails Releases and how to work around them.


Version 1.4.2 rev1728

Web Services package fails to load

This is because the new way packages are structured (see UsersGuideVisTrailsPackages) and as the web services package serializes information to disk for caching purposes, the stored information became inconsistent. So, if you see the error

('Error loading configuration file: ', '~/.vistrails/webServices/modules.conf')

Just remove your ~/.vistrails/webServices and enable the package again. We are preparing a fix for this that will be available in the next release.

Version 1.2.1 rev1337

VisTrails does not finish properly when executed in batch mode

In your VisTrails installation, edit the file located at VisTrails/vistrails/ as follows:

Change lines 46-48

   if (app.temp_configuration.interactiveMode or
       not app.temp_configuration.check('spreadsheetDumpCells')):
       v = app.exec_()


   if (app.temp_configuration.interactiveMode): 
       v = app.exec_()

Command-Line Switches

The VisTrails development team is refactoring the implementation of many of the command-line switches supported by VisTrails. Please refer to the table below for a summary of which switches work and which ones don't, and their status.

Short formLong formDescription
-h--helpPrint a help message and exit.
-S /path--startup=/pathSet user configuration directory (default is ~/.vistrails).
NOT WORKING. See ticket #213.
-? Print a help message and exit.
-v--versionPrint version information and exit.
-V num--verbose=numSet verboseness level (0–2, default=0, higher means more verbose).
MORE TESTING NEEDED. I haven't yet found a use case where this makes a difference.
-b--noninteractiveRun in non-interactive (batch) mode.
-n--nosplashDo not display splash screen on startup.
-c num--cache=numEnable/disable caching (0 to disable, nonzero to enable. Default is enabled).
-m num--movies=numSet automatic movie creation on spreadsheet (0 or 1, default=1). Set this to zero to work around VTK bug with offscreen renderer and OpenGL texture3D mappers.
This switch is more for the Spreadsheet than for VisTrails proper, but we'll keep it for now.
-s--multiheadsDisplay the Builder and Spreadsheet on different screens (if available).
-x--maximizedMaximize Builder and Spreadsheet windows at startup.
-l--nologgerDisable logging.
NOT WORKING. Known issues.
-d--debugsignalsDebug Qt signals.
NOT USED. To be removed.
-a params--parameters=paramsSet workflow parameters (non-interactive mode only).
WORKING, BUT this option will eventually be superseded by the Medley functionality.
-t host--host=hostSet hostname or IP address of database server.
-r port--port=portSet database port.
-f dbName--db=dbNameSet database name.
-u userName--user=userNameSet database username.
NOT SURE if this works as advertised. Sometimes the username is not automatically populated in the Open Database Connection dialog, while the other fields are.

Rev 674

On Linux machines using PyQt4.2, there is a bug that causes vtk pipelines not to show on the spreadsheet. Solution: edit the file path_to_vistrails_src/vistrails/packages/vtk/

in the import section (around line 27), add

 import sip

replace line 244:

 vp = '_%s_void_p' % (hex(int(QtGui.QX11Info.display()))[2:])


    vp = '_%s_void_p' % (hex(int(QtGui.QX11Info.display()))[2:])
except TypeError:
    #This was changed for PyQT4.2
    if isinstance(QtGui.QX11Info.display(),QtGui.Display):
        display = sip.unwrapinstance(QtGui.QX11Info.display())
        vp = '_%s_void_p' % (hex(display)[2:])

Rev 559

There are two issues with the binary version of this release.

1. When the current directory is not on the PATH. This causes VisTrails to raise a Requirements not fulfilled exception.

Solution: Adding '.' or path_to_vistrails_install/vistrails to the PATH solves this problem.

2. When installing on a non-english system or on a custom directory, VisTrails won't start. This is due to absolute paths inside the bookmarks file.

Solution: Remove file bookmarks.xml inside ~/.vistrails folder. On Windows XP it's located on C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\.vistrails. On Windows Vista, it's located at C:\Users\your_username\.vistrails.

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