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When installing VisTrails on a Debian-based linux distribution (any variant using the apt package management system) the following commands must be issued as the root user or preceeded by sudo

Install Graphviz:

  • apt-get install graphviz

Install Python:

  • apt-get install python

Install Python Extensions:

  • apt-get install python-xml
  • apt-get install python-soappy

Install Qt 4.2.0 or above:

  • You can get the open source version for all platforms here
  • After downloading, you need to build the Qt library:
 * Run configure then make

Install PyQt4:

  • Note: The Python bindings for QT4 provided by the apt-get installation work only for QT 4.1
  • Download sip 4.5.2 here
 * sudo python
 * sudo make; make install
  • Download PyQt4.1.1 here
 * sudo python
 * sudo make; make install

Install MySQLdb (Python library allowing MySQL databases access):

  • apt-get install python-mysqldb

Install SciPy and NumPy

  • sudo apt-get install python-scipy (python-numpy is a dependency that is installed automatically by apt)
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