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Improve error handling/reporting

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Revision as of 15:35, 15 November 2010 by Emanuele (Talk | contribs)
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  • Splash screen now shows package initialization
  • Classifying log levels
    • debug 10 (cannot be accessed by setting loglevel)
    • log(info) 20
    • warning 30
    • critical 50
  • ~800 print statements in VisTrails + 200 commented ones


Conversion issues


  • print "module %s already handled. skipping" % module_id - log or warning?
    • [DK] log is probably ok here
  • debug.critical('Package cannot handle upgrade request. VisTrails will attempt automatic upgrade.') - Should it be critical?
    • [DK] warning (or maybe even log) would be more appropriate


  • if _debug: print 'version_a:', version_a (and a lot of similar) - Is it currently being debugged? remove?
    • [DK] for now, let's keep them as low-level debug but we should be able to clean this up


  • print m_i: remove?
    • [DK] yeah, most of the matrix prints can be commented out or removed


  • A lot of print statements are used for installing deb/rpm packages. I am not sure if I can remove any.
    • [ES] I think all the print statements outside the show_question() function can be converted to debug calls. Maybe we should use high priority calls so they are displayed.


  • Print statements are used for installing deb packages. I am not sure if I can remove any.


  • Contains print statements but should this low-level library have a dependency on core/debug?
    • [DK] not sure that the dependency is a bad thing here, but show_comparison calls should probably return strings so that we can decide how to use these in GUI elements instead...


  • Contains lots of debug print statements that might still be used?
    • [ES] VisTrails server has its own logger and Phillip and I already replaced all the prints we could in the crowdlabs branch. I will merge these changes back to the master branch.
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