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Improve error handling/reporting

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Revision as of 09:46, 9 November 2010 by Tommy (Talk | contribs)
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  • Can we have an error console on the splash screen?
  • Classifying log levels
    • debug 10 (cannot be accessed by setting loglevel)
    • log(info) 20
    • warning 30
    • critical 50
  • the QT signal handling is currently unused but I assume it is being used when debugging signals. Don't know if it should be logged as critical though? I can remove the QT dependency by moving relevant parts to the gui directory.
  • ~800 print statements in VisTrails + 200 commented ones
  • persistence package heavily uses own debug_print function
  • What to do with the classic startup sequence:
    • Do we want to keep them visible?
    • If we set them as info they wont be seen on the default verboseness level.
Initializing basic_modules
Initializing spreadsheet
Loading Spreadsheet widgets...
==> Successfully import <Basic Widgets>
==> Successfully import <SVG Widgets>
==> Successfully import <WebKit Viewer>
==> Successfully import <Image Viewer>
==> Successfully import <HTML Viewer>
Initializing controlflow
Initializing HTTP
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