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Latest Release

Revision 674 (2007-04-23 17:00) Documents2.png View Notes Size Architecture Type
1116138 all Source .tar.gz
64792987 i586 .zip (32-bit Windows (XP or higher))
67225726 Mac x86 .dmg (Mac bundle)
60761458 Mac PPC .dmg (Mac bundle)

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  • If you have problems downloading from our repository, we keep mirror copies at sourceforge VisTrails@SourceForge.

Data files

If you download the source release you might want to download the data files (they are already included in the binary releases): Targz.png data.tar.gz

Just decompress the package to the examples folder.

Mailing Lists

Information on joining mailing lists is available here.

Ubuntu Packages

There is now a pre-packaged version of VisTrails with full dependency checking available on the VGC Ubuntu repository. Go here for more information.

VisTrails Module Packages

VisTrails makes use of packages of Modules to define and form valid workflows. Some packages are maintained and distributed with the VisTrails itself and are considered part of the core functionality. However, work has also been done on developing user-made and maintained Module Packages. Below are a current list of packages maintained by VisTrails and user packages maintained outside the core source repository. The Package Name field describes the name required by the addPackage() directive in the .vistrails/ file required to load the package.

Packages distributed with VisTrails

Packages developed by users

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