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Latest Release

Revision 389 (2007-02-09 15:00) Documents2.png View Notes Size Architecture Type
42277520 i586 .zip (32-bit Windows)
830470 all Source .tar.gz
  • If you have problems downloading from our repository, we keep mirror copies at sourceforge VisTrails@SourceForge.

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Users list

You can subscribe to the vistrails-users list by sending mail to with the single following line in the email body:

subscribe vistrails-users

After the list owner approves (we, the VisTrails developers --- so it shouldn't take more than a few hours) the request, you will be able to send and receive mail to

Experimental Ubuntu Packages

Carlos Scheidegger is experimenting with Ubuntu (debian) packages and is currently making them available at They can be installed in Ubuntu with

sudo dpkg -i vistrails-<version>.deb

These will install VisTrails on /usr/local. They currently perform no dependency checking, though this will be done in the future, together with a VisTrails apt repository. Please check back often or email him at

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