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Frequently Asked Questions

Associative Collections in Python

For the stripes implementation: Python has a 'dictionary' (associative collection) that can be helpful -- you can actually store each stripe as a dictionary entry.

A dictionaries is like a list, but while in lists the keys are integers, in a dictionary you can use a string or a tuple. Here's an example:

m = {} #Initialize an empty map

m['jj'] = {} #Initialize an empty map for term "jj"

m['jj']['ii'] = 1 # Associate with "jj" ('ii', 1)

m['jj']['ff'] = 1 # Associate with "jj" ('ff', 1)

m['jj']['ii'] += 1 # Increment the value in the tuple with key 'ii' by 1

print m # this outputs: {'jj': {'ii': 2, 'ff': 1}}

Hadoop Streaming

How do I specify which subset of a key to be used by the partitioner?

  • Hadoop Streaming provides an option for you to modify the partitioning strategy
  • Here's an example:

hadoop jar /usr/bin/hadoop/contrib/streaming/hadoop-streaming- -D mapred.reduce.tasks=2 -D -D num.key.fields.for.partition=2 -file -mapper -file -reducer -partitioner org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.KeyFieldBasedPartitioner -input /user/juliana/input -output /user/juliana/output2

    • informs Hadoop that the first 2 fields of the mapper output form the key -- in this case (word1,word2), and the third field corresponds to the value.
    • num.key.fields.for.partition=2 specifies that both fields are to be used by the partitioner.
    • Note that we also need to specify the partitioner: -partitioner org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.KeyFieldBasedPartitioner
  • Here's another example, now using only the first field as the key:

hadoop jar /usr/bin/hadoop/contrib/streaming/hadoop-streaming- -D mapred.reduce.tasks=2 -D -D num.key.fields.for.partition=1 -file -mapper -file -reducer -partitioner org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.KeyFieldBasedPartitioner -input /user/juliana/input -output /user/juliana/output2

    • num.key.fields.for.partition=1 specifies that both fields are to be used by the partitioner.

How do I specify which subset of a key to be used by the partitioner on AWS?

  • You can do this when you configure a step, by adding the appropriate directives and parameters in the Arguments box:


How do I run a mapreduce job on a single-node installation?

  • I have created an example and detailed instructions on how to run a mapreduce job on a single-node installation.

The instructions are in:

  • And you can download all the necessary files from

How do I run a mapreduce job on the NYU Hadoop Cluster?

  • Note: in the first version of this file, there was an extraneous space in alias hjs='/usr/bin/hadoop jar $HAS/$HSJ'. There should be no spaces around "="

How do I test mapreduce code on my local machine?

  • You can use unix pipes, e.g., cat "samplefilename" | |

See details in

When I try to run the actual MapReduce job on the NYU cluster I get an error: Exception in thread "main" Error opening job jar: /

  • The error "Error opening job jar: /" seems to indicate hadoop is looking for the jar file in the root directory "/"
  • Try issuing the *full* command without using the alias:

$ /usr/bin/hadoop jar /usr/lib/hadoop/contrib/streaming/hadoop-streaming- -file -mapper -file -reducer -input /user/juliana/wikipedia.txt -output /user/juliana/wikipedia.output