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Visible Human

Volume Rendering example using the transfer function widget:

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" version="634" showspreadsheetonly="True" />

Hiding the skin:

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" version="635" tag="transfer function bone" showspreadsheetonly="True" embedworkflow="True" includefulltree="True" />

demo to xom:

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" version="610" />

image generated in demo to Hans:

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" version="608" />

I am working with Joel. and we just collaborated on creating an image:

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" version="605" />

This is the histogram_http node in terminator2.vt:

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" version="596" />

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" version="598" />

Emanuele is testing some new features (to work with VisTrails 1.2.1):

  • Tag support: Now we can point to a specific tag, instead of a version number.
 The only drawback is that you still need to edit the page and press show preview
 for the image to be updated. If the tag attribute is present inside the
  <vistrail ... /> tag, vistrails will be executed for that workflow
 every time the page is edited (which will be a little slow for now).

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="4" tag="isosurface_http"/>

  • Show initially only the Spreadsheet Window when clicking on the image:
 The builder window can be accessed from the Spreadsheet by selecting menu 
 Window > Show Builder Window.

CMOP Example

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="7" version="66" tag="climatology" showspreadsheetonly="True"/>

Astrophysics Example

<vistrail host="" db="vistrails" vtid="11" version="1826" tag="" showspreadsheetonly="True"/>