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This is a small how-to on how to use the Bookmarks available in old versions of VisTrails. This was discontinued and will be replaced by a much more powerful framework called Medleys.


(Under Construction)


The Bookmarks application was the first prototype of a framework to help users without programming expertise to better manipulate collections of workflows. Here we show how to create bookmarks and how to interact with them.

Creating a Bookmark

A bookmark is a workflow view that provides a simplified interface for a workflow by only exposing a designated set of components to the user. These components are identified by an alias map which associates a name to a workflow component. In this prototype, users can name only parameters, but the concept can be applied to modules and to subworkflows.

So, in order to create a bookmark you need first to give names to the parameters you want to expose.

Naming parameters

In the pipeline view, open the workflow to which you want to create a bookmark. For example, we will open the terminator.vt file and choose the Isosurface workflow as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Isosurface workflow is selected in the VisTrails Builder Window

We want to expose only the dataset name and the isovalue in the bookmark. We first select the vtkStructuredPointsReader module and in the Set Methods panel we click over the parameter type (the word String) of SetFileName. This will pop up a window where we can type a name, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Clicking on a parameter type pops up a window to give it a name. Here the name filename is given to to the String parameter of the vtkStructuredPointsReader's SetFileName method.

After clicking ok, this will create a new version node in the version tree. Now we do the same to

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