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Please note that the packages below are created and maintained outside of the VisTrails repository. Installation of them requires extracting them to the appropriate userpackages directory. Many of the packages listed below are incomplete or works in progress. Please take that into consideration during their use.

User Packages Description Package Name Primary Contact Download
  • teem
Teem is a coordinated group of libraries for representing, processing, and visualizing scientific raster data. teem Carlos Scheidegger - cscheid 'at' Targz.png teem.tar.gz
  • NumSciPy
NumSciPy wraps some of the functionality in the numpy and scipy packages ( This package is currently under development. NumSciPy Erik W. Anderson - eranders 'at' Targz.png NumSciPy.tar.gz
  • Protein Data Bank
Package allowing simple processing of Protein Databank files (.pdb) to extract mundane statistics ProteinDataBank Erik Anderson - eranders 'at', Carlos Scheidegger - cscheid 'at' Targz.png PDB.tar.gz
  • ITK
Wrapping of the Insight ToolKit available from KitWare. This is an incomplete set of packages and work is being done to incorporate more of the ITK functionality into the wrappers. DICOM reading is now supported through ITK's GDCMReader module set. This requires CableSWIG and WrapITK. itk Erik Anderson - eranders 'at' Targz.png ITK.tar.gz
  • Matlab
Modules allowing access to a local Matlab engine and interpreter. This is an incomplete set of packages and work is being done to incorporate more functionality into the wrappers. This requires Matlab and MLabWrap. Matlab Erik Anderson - eranders 'at' Targz.png Matlab.tar.gz
  • Trimesh2
Modules allowing access to the trimesh2 library. It requires access to the trimesh2 executables (notably, mesh_filter). trimesh2 Carlos Scheidegger - cscheid 'at' Py_file.png
  • Metro
Modules allowing access to VCG's metro tool. It requires access to the metro executable. trimesh2 Carlos Scheidegger - cscheid 'at' Py_file.png
Package allowing use of libsvm train and predict command line tools libsvm Emanuele Santos - emanuele 'at' Targz.png vistrails_libsvm.tar.gz
  • OPAL
Package allowing use of OPAL web services. More Information opalWebServices Jane Ren - j2ren 'at' Targz.png WebServices.tar.gz

Targz.png WebServiceHelpers.tar.gz

  • remoteLogin
Package wraps ssh and scp functionality for remote command execution and file management. The userpackage requires the python library pExpect to communicate with the remote host. remoteLogin Joel Daniels - jdaniels 'at' Targz.png remoteLogin.tar.gz
  • EO4VisTrails
Adds spatial and temporal data access, data pre-processing and data analysis capabilities. This includes cloud, analytics and standards-based spatial data access. eo4vistrails Derek Hohls - dhohls 'at' csir dot co dot za