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Index to Free-Energy Analyses

I have put this index together in an effort to help me, first find, then keep track of all chapters that discuss the use of a free-energy expression and/or virial equilibrium constructs to analyze the structure and stability of spherically symmetric configurations.

Whitworth's (1981) Isothermal Free-Energy Surface
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First, let's explain what the topic is of each chapter that is currently (up to July 2016) in the template titled, LSU_HBook_SSC_Structure.

Solution Strategies:    

Detailed Force-Balance

Virial Equilibrium

Example Solutions:
  • Uniform-density sphere
        Isolated …
    Embedded in an External Medium …
  • Polytropes
    Isolated …
    Embedded in an External Medium …    🎦
  • Isothermal sphere
    Isolated …
    Embedded in an External Medium (Bonnor-Ebert Sphere) …
  • Zero-temperature White Dwarf — Overview
  • Power-law density distribution — Overview
  • Other Analytically Definable Models
  • BiPolytropes (also referred to as Composite Polytropes)
Overview Overview
        Core-Envelope Structure with <math>~(n_c,n_e) = (0,0)</math> …
        Core-Envelope Structure with <math>~(n_c,n_e) = (5,1)</math> …
        Core-Envelope Structure with <math>~(n_c,n_e) = (1,5)</math> …   …  
        Core-Envelope Structure with <math>~(n_c,n_e) = (\tfrac{3}{2},3)</math> …   …  

Whitworth's (1981) Isothermal Free-Energy Surface

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