Undocumented Features

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Features that should be added to the VisTrails Users' Guide

  • Many items in the FAQ .
  • New syntax for specifying modules in packages (_input_ports, _output_ports, _modules).
  • Shortcuts for specifying ports (default to current package, allow 'edu.utah.sci.vistrails.basic' to shorten to 'basic').
  • Manipulate workflows via the shell (load_package and then add modules, connections, and parameters)
  • Better docs on groups/subworkflows and some integration with control flow
  • Publication tools (embed in LaTeX, PowerPoint)
  • crowdLabs publishing
  • Merge documentation (Tommy's code to merge vistrails)
  • Persistence package documentation and general tips on data management with VisTrails
  • Vistrail/workflow browser documentation
  • ...