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1. How can I run a workflow using the command line?

Call vistrails using the following options:

python -l -b path_to_vistrails_file -w pipeline

Where pipeline is a version number or a tag.

2. How can I save an image from the spreadsheet?

While having the focus on a spreadsheet cell press "Ctrl" (on Windows) and select the camera to take a snapshot. The system will prompt you for the location and file name where it should be saved. The other icons can be used for saving multiple images that can be used for generating an animation on demand.

3. Is it possible to save the complete state of the spreadsheet? How?

4. How can I integrate my own program into VisTrails?

5. Given a VTK visualization, how can I generate a webpage from it?

6. Using the command line, we'd like to execute a workflow multiple times, with slightly different parameters, and create a series of output files. Is this possible?

Currently, yes but not easily. We are working on a more user friendly API for that. As soon as we have it, we will update this answer.

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