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Weekly Meetings

Oct 12, 2010

  • Trac and Roadmap (Emanuele): Emanuele suggested we should create a development roadmap and make it a permanent item on the agenda. The idea is to go through the Trac tickets and use them to build the roadmap that would be made public.
    • go through trac and sort by priority
    • add other suggestions to roadmap as well
    • admins can add milestones via the admin tab
    • David will assign tasks on list; those assigned need to follow up and check and fix them
  • Update on PythonSource error reporting and logging (Tommy)
    • Need to make sure that all messages are printed through debug.X, so that the debug level (verboseness in preferences) is correctly used
    • Can cut/copy/paste now
    • Can we prevent the delete from happening?
    • Phillip noted the spyder project has an interactive python console:
    • Can press enter to get to the end
    • Need to check if this works or if we need to change
    • Now have ability to see stack trace from the GUI (triangle menu)
    • Suggest using a dialog to display trace when this item is selected instead of printing to console
    • Also saving stack trace to the execution log
    • Also printing debug information to vistrails log
    • Add trac item to fix prints to use debug
    • Try to fix core.debug to have gui.debug to eliminate Qt dependency
  • Update on subworkflow (Daniel)
    • Notification when subworkflow is outdated triggered
    • new_abstraction signal from registry in addition to new_module signal so that we can check if we need subworkflows to update
    • How to display the possible upgrades (can be upgraded, can be upgraded but may break, etc.)
  • New utility added by Carlos (currently at scripts/module_appearance) to draw fringes visually, which generates output that can be pasted directly into the add_module call.
    • Erik will test this on Mac and Windows.
  • Preparing a "Get Started" tutorial for SIGMOD repeatability
    • Do we have instructions on how to use the latex package without crowdlabs?
      • links to actual workflows in latex
      • have README and example for latex in the source
    • Metadata associated with VisTrails: should we have the ability to add vistrail-level metadata? e.g., who created the vistrail, its purpose, etc.
      • have pointers to paper to workflow and vistrails
      • add pointers to papers
      • allow access to add/edit annotations at the vistrail level
      • add GUI element to allow people to edit/add annotations
  • Maintaining VTK package
    • have four classes that don't wrap, have error even in python level
    • works well with VisTrails otherwise
    • haven't checked the new changes from the wrapping
    • Wendel will check on the new version

the model is that any "plain" SOAP service can be used immediately, given the URL of its WSDL specification, while some special collections like caGrid, Biomoby and other services need a Taverna plugin to be used, due to their specific requirements (regarding security, for example).

Oct 5, 2010

  • Welcome Tommy!
  • Update on subworkflow (Daniel)
  • Issues raised by Matthias:

- need to automatically upgrade subworkflows. Currently it is necessary to manually upgrade a subworkflow whenever the version of one of the modules inside them changes.

- explorations do not detect an MplFigureCell embedded in a subworkflow.

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