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Weekly Meetings

Oct 12, 2010

  • Trac and Roadmap (Emanuele): Emanuele suggested we should create a development roadmap and make it a permanent item on the agenda. The idea is to go through the Trac tickets and use them to build the roadmap that would be made public.
  • Update on subworkflow (Daniel)
  • New utility added by Carlos (currently at scripts/module_appearance) to draw

fringes visually, which generates output that can be pasted directly into the add_module call. We need to test this on Mac and Windows.

  • Preparing a "Get Started" tutorial for SIGMOD repeatability
    • Do we have instructions on how to use the latex package without crowdlabs?
    • Metadata associated with VisTrails: should we have the ability to add vistrail-level metadata? e.g., who created the vistrail, its purpose, etc.

Oct 5, 2010

  • Welcome Tommy!
  • Update on subworkflow (Daniel)
  • Issues raised by Matthias:

- need to automatically upgrade subworkflows. Currently it is necessary to manually upgrade a subworkflow whenever the version of one of the modules inside them changes.

- explorations do not detect an MplFigureCell embedded in a subworkflow.

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