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Provenance for Visualizations: Reproducibility and Beyond


The demand for the construction of complex visualizations is growing in many disciplines of science, as users are faced with ever increasing volumes of data to analyze. The authors present VisTrails, an open-source provenance management system that provides infrastructure for data exploration and visualization.


The article describes a set of visualizations on a structured volume obtained from a CT scan of a head. The first visualization is produced with a script and all subsequent visualizations take advantage of the visual programming interface provided by VisTrails. The running example in the text starts with basic isosurfacing and plotting, then moves to volume rendering, slicing, and interactive visualizations with user controlled interaction widgets.

Supporting Material

The exploration process that lead to the visualizations in the text were captured in a vistrail that can be loaded and executed with the VisTrails system. The volume used in the example is already included in the examples directory of the precompiled binaries. Because of path discrepancies of the install, separate vistrails were created for different platforms.

Sep07 vistrail for Windows/Linux

Sep07 vistrail for Mac

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